5 Important Tips When Painting Your Home

 If you are looking for the best colors for your interior, you have to take note of the different areas, spaces, and rooms you are to paint and their different functionalities. Although the choice of color for an interior leans more on personal preferences there are a number of standardized factors that you need to consider before making your final choice. When choosing the colors think of the kind of ambiance you want to create while you consider factors such as; the purpose and functionality of each space, area, and room, the orientation of the room in reference to the way the sun rises and sets, the size of the room and the kind or lighting that is used, the furniture you have in each room, and the type and color of the flooring in each room.

The purpose and function of the room:

Purpose of room

The purpose or function of a room plays a big role when choosing the colors to use in each room. For instance, the color you would choose for the kitchen is different from the one to be used in the kids’ bedroom. Bedrooms and living rooms require warm and bright colors which bring out comfort, relaxation and coziness. Cool shades of colors are suitable for office interiors so as to create a sober environment to work and concentrate

The orientation of the room

  The position and direction in which a room is placed in relation to the cardinal points will affect the choice of paint. When choosing colors your interior, you should consider the direction from which the painting is exposed to sunlight and how much natural and artificial light is present.

North: Rooms facing north, receive less light throughout the day thus producing a cooler effect. Therefore, you would consider using warm colors to brighten up the room that needs to bring out a warm effect.  

South: Rooms facing the southern side usually receive more light throughout the day and they are the brightest and well-lit places in a house. In such instances, cooler colors are considered to counteract the brightness and sharpness of the natural light.

East: rooms facing the east receive most light in the morning hours which make it appear yellow and bright.  Therefore, if such a room is mostly used in the evening or late afternoon warmer colors should be considered so as to brighten the room due to lack of the natural light which fades away with time

West: rooms facing the west benefit from the bright rays of the sun from where the sun sets. These rooms are usually dull in the morning and bright in the evening.  For example, if a bedroom faces the west side one would consider choosing cool colors so as to tone down the warmth and brightness of the sun.

The size of the room:

  When choosing interior colors you should consider the size of the room/ house that is being painted.  Small rooms or spaces ought to be painted with warm and bright colors so that they may appear big, spacious and well conditioned. Whereas if the room or space to be painted is large it‘s suitable to choose cool and dark colors, since they make the room appear smaller and compact.

The kind of lighting used in the Room:

  The source of light is an important factor because the lighting of a room affects the overall look and effect of the colors on the wall. If the room or space is sufficiently illuminated with natural lighting the cool and dull colors should be used so as to avoid reflections. If the room is artificially lit consider the different types of light sources such as; Florescent, Halogen, LED, or Incandescent since different type of lighting present the appearance of colors differently.  Your Furniture and upholstery: while choosing colors for painting your interior, you should consider the existing upholstery, carpets, and curtains. This is very important since they are a guide to choosing the correct colors that will complement and blend with the colors in the existing furniture.

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  The type and color of the flooring: You should consider the existing floor surfacing so that you are sure to blend it with the interior wall painting. For instance, a room with dark wooden floors will blend well with warm or neutral colors while a room with lightly colored flooring can do well with contrasting colors on the interior wall

Considering the numerous options available when searching for the correct colors, picking colors for your interior can be stressful and intimidating. Nevertheless, you can avoid the challenges by following the guidelines we have talked about. You can make the best choice of your interior paint color by considering the purpose and function of the room, the orientation of the rooms, the size of the rooms, the kind of lighting available in the room, your existing furniture, and the kind of flooring used in the room.

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