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Commercial and Residential Caulking


     Caulk serves as an air and water barrier in all kinds of exterior applications, preventing drafts and leaks around windows and doors, vents, skylights and all manner of openings. It also prevents water from seeping into cracks and causing damage in bathrooms, commercial kitchens and production rooms with high humidity or frequent cleanings.  Caulking is needed after sandblasting or power washing certain surcaces to re-gap or seal the small gaps. 

     In commercial settings, caulk is also a useful visual component, bridging gaps and hiding irregularities, and closing spaces where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Caulking leaves clean, attractive lines along baseboards and moldings, and around counters, desks and other joints and corners.  With larger gaps we recommend expansion joints to properly seal the gaps.  If larger gaps need to be sealed, check out our water intrusion page. 

     Available in hundreds of colors and varieties caulk is versatile and needed. Superior Painting Company is a licensed contractor that offers full caulking services, and have the knowledge and craftsmanship to make it last on your home or structure.  Our caulking services include residential caulking, commercial caulking, as well as interior caulking and exterior caulking. Superior Painting Company is dedicated to performing every stage of every job with precision.  Our commercial painting clients can count on us to complete all caulking with care and attention to detail.  In a residential house, kitchen and bathroom painting usually requires new caulking near surfaces that get damp or wet.  Call Superior Painting Company for all your caulking services! 

Commercial & Residential Caulking

Caulking Estimates

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