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    Concrete Painting & Epoxy Flooring are one of the most enduring choices for flooring applications.  This process takes an ordinary dull-gray floor and transforms it into a resilient, attractive work surface. Using specially designed paint or epoxy sealants our skilled staff will prepare and paint your flooring to your specifications.  We offer a variety of colors and designs that can produce an ideal floor for any workplace including commercial offices, residentail garages,  back yards, industrial flooring, or any other interior or exterior concrete flooring.  While painting concrete we often come accross broken or worn out expansion joints which Superior Painting Co also repairs. However, sometimes complete joint replacement is needed to prevent water intrusion. Our process involves cleaning by pressure washing or power washing, then caulk needed cracks and begin the specialized epoxy flooring painting process.





    Easy to clean:   Unlike regular concrete, which is porous and stains easily, painted concrete resists chemical, oil and contaminant penetration.  This prevents staining, dirt buildup and microbial growth.

  Attractive:   A painted concrete floor is bright, reflective and clean looking, providing a safer and more pleasant atmosphere for employees and customers. 

  Durable: A typical concrete floor wears and chips easily, and if it is treated or waxed, the treatment must be repeated regularly.  Painted concrete, on the other hand, retains all of its superior qualities over the long-term that can save your assets.  For great information on Concrete Painting and our painting process download our conclusive manual below....




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