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  • Virtually odorless

  • Zero VOC and zero emissions*

  • Quick return to service

  • 100% Acrylic

  • Provides a durable, washable film

  • Spatter-resistant

  • Unlimited color selection

  • One hour recoat for quick return to service

  • Carries the Green Promise designation

  • Self-priming on most surfaces.


             (972) 617-2380



     VOCs are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that readily vaporize into the air.  When they enter the air, they react with other elements to produce ozone, which causes air pollution and a host of health issues including breathing problems, headache, burning, watery eyes and nausea. Some VOCs also have been linked to cancer, as well as kidney and liver damage.

    As paint dries, these harmful VOCs are released into the air at high levels. Indoor VOC levels are routinely 10 times higher than outdoor levels, and up to 1,000 times higher immediately after painting [source: Pennock].  Although VOC levels are highest during and soon after painting, they continue seeping out for several years. In fact, only 50 percent of the VOCs may be released in the first year.  More VOC Information from EPA.








Volatile Organic Compound

     Paints, adhesives, and other protective finishes are often formulated with solvents (or VOCs) to improve performance and durability. Additionally, paint cleanup often requires toxic solvents that release additional VOC pollutants. However, increased awareness of possible health risks and overall air quality concerns has led to a demand for products lower in VOCs. Manufacturers have therefore risen to the challenge, mainly by developing high-quality, latex-based coatings and adhesives for a wide variety of uses. Latex paints use water as their solvent and carrier, allowing both easier cleanup and generally lower toxicity than oil-based paints. Today, latex paints are equal or better in quality and durability than conventional oil-based formulas. Many stains and clear finishes for floors and cabinets are also commonly available.

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