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     Superior Painting Company's experienced, professionally trained crews are careful and follow all saftey guidlines required.    Our no-obligation appraisal provides you with a detailed written estimate making certain that you know exactly what the project involves and how long it will take.   We are very strict on the punctuality, cleanliness, and courtesy that all of our team members will show to you.  Additionally, the owner personally manages all projects.  Prior to applying a single drop of paint we will cover and protect your landscaping and/or furniture, remove fixtures, and lay wall-to-wall drop cloths where needed. 

     Ideal weather conditions for exterior house painting are a temperature of 70 degrees fahrenheit and partly sunny skies, however paint will dry and cure at temps as low as 35 degrees F.  To preserve a prompt, quality result, we will typically suspend outdoor work if there is a 50% or greater chance of rain in the forecast in your area.  Superior Painters is EPA Certified for Lead paint saftey.  Click for information and a summary of EPA's Renovation, Repair & Painting Program Rule - Environmental Lead Program.   You can also download a PDF provided by the EPA on lead saftey during home painting and renovations. 



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