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Water Intrusion Specialist


     Water intrusion can cause thousands of dollars in damage and can ruin your weekend to say the least.  We offer water instrusion services for residential and commercial properties to avoid damage and repair damage.  Our services prevent water from seeping into cracks and causing damage in bathrooms, commercial kitchens and production rooms with high humidity or frequent cleanings.

     In commercial settings, proper caulking is also a useful visual component, bridging gaps and hiding irregularities, and closing spaces where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Caulking leaves clean, attractive lines along baseboards and moldings, and around counters, desks and other joints and corners.

     water intrusion is one of the main causes for mold growth in homes; not only will mold destroy your house, mold exposure also poses a health threat. Superior Painting Company water intrusion investigation specialists will identify and repair the source of the moisture before it can spread and put your home and family at risk.  We then go to work repairing, replacing, or installing the needed parts to prevent future water instrusion or leaking.  In a residential house, kitchen and bathroom painting usually requires new caulking near surfaces that get damp or wet.  Call Superior Painting Company for all your caulking services!   For instructions on water intrusion saftey download our guide below.

Commercial Water Instrusion

Water Intrusion Estimates

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