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   Deterioration and water penetration are a natural result of time and weathering. Keeping a building dry is critical to the preservation of any structure, as water is most likely the most damaging element to any facility, and can even affect the structural integrity of a building. 

     Waterproofing, as it applies to construction, refers to all areas of a building except the roof. flooring, vertical sides, and the bases of buildings need to be protected against intrusion of unwanted water. Our waterproofing services range from below grade, to walls, balconies and decks.  We also provide waterproofing and sealant services to wood decks, windows, and between slab membranes.  Another seal for concrete is epoxy coating flooring which Superior Painting Company also provides. There is more information on the benefits of proper sealants by Energy Star.   You can also download the pdf tutorial on sealants and sealing buildings.



  • Residential and Commercial Sealing

  • Building and control joint sealants

  • Water repellents and elastomeric

  • Through-wall flashing repairs

  • Fluid-applied traffic membranes

  • Urethane & epoxy injection

  • Sheet and liquid-applied membrane waterproofing

  • Deck waterproofing

  • Window and door perimeters

  • Window frame to adjacent construction 

  • Expansion joints

  • Parking garages

  • Grout sealing

  • Wood Sealing and water repelants

  • Epoxy Sealing - Garages and Flooring


Urethane & Acrylate Grout Injection


(972) 617-2380

     When water-tight crack and leak repair in concrete structures is needed, Superior Painting Company can get the job done. Our skilled technicians have refined and perfected the science of injection to provide the most efficient and reliable crack repairs possible. Using such proven systems as Deneef's urethane or acrylic resin systems and injection products, we have sealed and waterproofed large and small buildings, commercial and residential.  We also provide Expansion Joints and Caulking for concrete and wood surfaces. 

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