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Our Step By Step Wood Staining Process

  1. Wood sanding with low grit sandpaper.  80-100 grit.

  2. Repeat sanding process with finer sandpaper.  150-180 grit.  

  3. Inspect wood to determine if scratches are unseen.  

  4. Test color of stain on small portion of wood.  

  5. Apply stain using rag or brush to entire wood surface.  

  6. Allow proper stain drying time.  

  7. Apply finish to protect wood from water damage.

  8. Apply polyurethane using bristle or foam brush.  

  9. Sand to remove bubles dust or any small items.  

  10. Apply second coat and sand to remove any new nibs. 

  11. Apply final coat of paint or polyurethane to proper speck.  


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  Superior Painting Company provides full wood staining services specializing in baseboard, crown molding, chair rail, recessed panels, and doors and window casings.  Wood comes in a variety of solid wood species, which we finish to either match your new wood or provide primed material ready to stain or paint. While completing your staining project,  wood stain refinishing will bring the natural color out of the wood which is our final step in wood staining and refinishing.  When we stain your wood, we applying a water-based stain of your choice. The stain color you choose will really bring out the beauty and character of the wood grain.   You can choose from several different finishes ranging from low luster to high gloss. It is up to you and your preferences. We recommend a stain that matches the natural color of the wood.  



  • Oil Modified Polyurethane

    • High-Gloss/Semi-Gloss/Satin finishes available

    • 8-12 hours drying time dependent upon the weather and job site conditions

    • Not the most environmentally safe product-omits solvent fumes

    • Combustible (while drying)

    • Normal application consists of 3 coats, screening with a fiber disc in between coats

    • Ambers with age


  • Water-Based Polyurethane

    • High-Gloss/Semi-Gloss/Satin finishes available

    • Dries in 2-3 hours

    • Environmentally safe

    • Non-Combustible

    • Dries perfectly clear-will not change color in time

    • UV protection

    • Normal application is 3 coats-it is thinner than oil

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